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Progressions by Alba Math is a comprehensive, dynamic and engaging math program designed to develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Progressions brings numbers, shapes, and mathematical concepts to life in a way that sparks curiosity and fosters a deep understanding of math. Progressions is tailored specifically for elementary school students and their dedicated teachers and is designed to make math fun.


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At Alba Math we work hands on with math educators to refine their practices through professional developments, instructional coaching, personalized lessons and activities all designed to empower math educators with pedagogy that inspires and brings a fun, life-giving, new perspective of math into the classroom.

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What We Do

We provide just-in-time professional developments for teachers to help them engage in math concepts, giving them opportunities to think about the activities through the eyes of their students. Our sessions provide teachers with hands-on activities that promote conceptual real-time understanding for the students while the teacher facilitates student learning.
Job embedded Coaching

Job-Embedded Coaching​

We believe relationships are key when coaching. We work with math teachers to determine their greatest needs based on self- reflection and data thus individualizing each session with every teacher.
Professional Development
We work with campuses and districts to plan individualized mathematics professional development sessions. This is to ensure we are aligned with district and campus initiatives. Our sessions always…

Curriculum, Lesson & Assessment

We help districts align their mathematics curriculum documents to the standards set forth by the state or to the Common Core Curriculum. We also provide age appropriate, research-based mathematics lessons, activities, and assessments that promote the 8 effective mathematics teaching practices identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Principles to Actions, 2014).

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